Why no Revival?

To contend for the faith by standing before the leaders of our nation is an important, apostolic part of our calling as disciples of Christ (Acts 9.15), yet the muzzled Church is largely ill-equipped, unprepared and unaware of the depths to which it has allowed the powers of darkness to invade all realms of society

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What next, Church?

When I first heard talk of ‘end times’ I was so impressed with the drama of it I left the windows wide open on summer nights with red skies in case I bumped my head as we were raptured.

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It's Time to Leave the Building.

This booklet is addressed directly and urgently to you as a Christian leader, to support you and to help you.

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Take Your Stand

When Michael Fenton-Jones, then International President of the Christian business group ICCC, told me ‘take your stand, John’ I had no idea what he was talking about.

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The Prayer School.

Prayer School is a programme of developing our relationship with the living God by actually praying and getting results, rather than listening or reading about prayer.

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The City of God - Here and Now.

This book is about Emmanuel, a vision of the glory of Jesus Christ inhabiting His church in our Town: here and now!

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